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Familienbuch der Pfarrei und Bürgermeisterei Illingen von 1689 bis 1904
von Hugo Gerber (s. bei GenWiki)

With this family book of the catholic parish Illingen and the mayoralty Illingen from 1689 to 1904 Hugo Gerber already in the 80's of the last century made a decisive contribution to the genealogical research in the concerned parishes (Illingen, Hüttigweiler, Wemmetsweiler, Merchweiler etc.) as well as in the surrounding area (Schiffweiler, Eppelborn, Marpingen). Many family books of the surrounding area refer to Hugo Gerber's work, making it an invaluable source of the genealogy of Illingen. Even if the origin of the data from the original documents is not recorded and the quality of the data is therefore rather uncertain, the work is in itself coherent and can be useful as a reference for further research. In its analog version it has already helped many researchers.

Hugo Gerber has collected and published his data in respectable manual work from documents and lists. In 1998, the first edition was revised and supplemented and published as a four-volume work. The present work refers to this revision.

With the project "FB Illingen" I made the valuable data stock available for digital research and evaluation. In doing so, I have tried to correct obvious errors and to summarize duplications which were obvious (e.g. multiple naming of children under different family entries). The corrections are explained in the notes in each case.

In addition, I have tried to verify information by consulting other family books of the area and have been able to discover new connections in the family book of Illingen. The references to other sources are recorded as additional sources and are available to the registered members (see become a member) for viewing.

The corresponding family entry in the family book of Illingen is recorded as a user defined fact (gedcom-TAG FACT) with the name "Gerber-Nummer" in the form .xxxxxx. (family number from the Gerber book enclosed in dots). The role of a subject is attached as a note.
The family number is also included with the corresponding family as "Gerber-Nummer".

You can therefore easily search for the probands or a family in the family book (e.g. 4711) by entering the reference in dots in the search field (top right): .4711. Then the family 4711 and all probands entered as members in the family entry who have a reference to this family number will be listed. More about this see the FAQ.

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Quote: Preface by Hugo Gerber to his family book in 1998

This family book is the summary of the families of the catholic parish Illingen and the mayoralty Illingen from 1689 to 1904.

It was created according to the documents of the Catholic church books of the parish Illingen in Trier and the documents of the civil registry of the mayoralty Illingen. Thus by the civil registrations all denominations were seized up to 1904. Unfortunately, in the civil registers only from the year 1876 the religions are registered.

When in 1798 the whole left Rheinland was divided into four French departments, the Marie Uchtelfangen with the villages Uchtelfangen, Kaisen, Illingen, Gennweiler, Merchweiler, Wemmetsweiler, Hüttigweiler, Raßweiler, Wustweiler and Hosterhof came to the canton Ottweiler, which in turn belonged to the Saardepartement.

This book gives us a vivid picture of the coming and going of the generations and makes us realize that we - the 'present' - are only one link in the long chain of generations, responsible before our ancestors and for our descendants.

May the reader of this book learn a lot of interesting facts about the families of his ancestors, their life and their origin; may this book be a good help for the researchers and those who are particularly interested in genealogy.

I would like to thank all those who have contributed to the preparation of this book:
the employees of the diocesan archives in Trier and the employees of the registry office in Illingen, Mrs. Margret Keßler and Mr. Richard Schönenberger.

This family book does not claim to be complete. Therefore, we would like to thank everybody who wants to help to close the gaps and to provide practical
and thereby help in research.

Merchweiler, in the year 1998

Hugo Gerber

(transl. by Mona Eckstein, 2023 -Thanks)

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Why I do genealogy research

Exploring our ancestors is a captivating and stimulating endeavor that fascinates more and more people around the world. There are many good reasons why everyone should immerse themselves in the fascinating world of genealogy at least once in their lives.

First of all, genealogy helps us understand our own history and make profound connections with past generations. It's an incredible way to preserve our family history and discover the fascinating stories of our ancestors.

In addition, genealogy gives us an insight into the culture, traditions and living conditions of our ancestors. By discovering our family's past, we can better understand how our ancestors acted in the world and how their experiences affected our own identity.

Searching for our family history can also help us find living relatives and meet new family members. By exploring our past, we can not only discover our roots, but also build new relationships in the present.

Last but not least, genealogy is also a worthwhile challenge that challenges us mentally and emotionally and gives us meaningful employment. It is a truly exciting adventure that takes us deeper into the fascinating world of our ancestors.

All in all, there are many good reasons why everyone should explore the world of genealogy at least once in their lives. Whether you do it as a hobby or a serious project, it offers us a wonderful opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our family and our history.


Although genealogy is a fascinating hobby, it also carries some potential dangers to watch out for. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Personal data: In genealogy, it is important to protect the privacy of living family members. It is not appropriate to publish or disclose personal data such as dates of birth, addresses or telephone numbers of living relatives without their express consent.
  2. False identity: When doing genealogy, it's important to make sure you've found the right ancestors. There are many cases where people mistakenly believe that they are related to famous figures or historical events due to erroneous or incomplete data.
  3. Stigma: Some family members may have negative or stigmatizing stories in their past that should not be made public. It is important to respect the wishes of family members and not to post information that could be uncomfortable or painful for them.
  4. Fraud: It is important to be careful when using online genealogy resources and make sure they are trustworthy. There are many websites that contain fake or inaccurate information or attempt to scam unsuspecting researchers.

Overall, it's important to be careful when doing genealogy and make sure you respect the privacy of living family members and use accurate information. With these precautions in mind, genealogy can be a fascinating and rewarding experience.